Viewpoint: Hurricane Florence shows architecture must address climate

From hurricanes to wildfires, the nation is experiencing a dramatic uptick in disasters attributable to climate and weather. The number of incidents that rack up a $1 billion or more cost in damages continues to climb each year. Now Hurricane Florence poses a serious threat to the East Coast and already millions of people are being evacuated in the Mid-Atlantic. However, evidence of climate change isn’t found in major disasters alone. Right here in our region, Prince George’s County Schools recently closed early for several days due to extreme heat. The Fairfax County courthouse flooded because of heavy rainfall. King Street in Alexandria turns into a lake when the Potomac River overflows its banks.

Nature is unstoppable. Even if humanity could grind global warming to a halt, stop polar ice from melting, and save all endangered species, we would not be able to prevent a measure of destruction from extreme weather. Water falling from the sky joins surface and ground waters and cascades…

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