Startup of the Week: Meet HomeTaxSavings.com

Many people don’t know how to appeal their property taxes, or don’t even know they can. So a team of industry veterans wants to help homeowners do two things: determine if a tax appeal is warranted and, if it is, give them the resources to execute it.

That’s the structure behind HomeTaxSavings.com, a D.C.-based business slowly launching in markets across the country. So far, it has hit the District, Maryland and Virginia, followed by Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Florida and Washington. And that’s just the start.

What is HomeTaxSavings.com, exactly? A tool to help homeowners appeal their property taxes. The user enters basic info about the home, and the web platform determines if there’s a potential for tax savings. That analysis costs $10. If it looks like appealing the local government’s estimate of the home’s value could be beneficial (keep in mind: a lower value means lower taxes, and vice versa), the homeowner can pay $50 for the site to generate a report with an appraisal…

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