Sonia McCormick

Despite solidifying an 11-year career as a national spokesperson on behalf of the banking industry, Sonia McCormick, like many did at the turn of the millennium, took a chance on a dot-com.

And while she says her stint at Admine.com was one of best and most exciting experiences of her life, once the bubble burst, she knew it was time to get back to reality.

Her experience as the public relations manager for the American Bankers Association landed her a vice president of corporate communications role at Riggs Bank, which was, at the time, one of the most recognizable banking organizations in D.C. After Riggs was sold to PNC in 2005, McCormick was one of the lucky few selected to remain on board to carry out PNC’s ambitious undertaking of cultivating a presence in a new market.

In the past 13 years, the Arlington native and her small team have been able to do just that, forming corporate and philanthropic relationships with partners that include the Washington Nationals — which fortuitously…

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