Report: Bad wiring, poor installation of LED lighting at MGM National Harbor results in 6-year-old girl’s electric shock

Faulty wiring and installation of LED lighting was partly to blame for an electric shock that critically injured a 6-year-old June 26 at MGM National Harbor, The Washington Post reports.

The Post obtained an early version of the assessment produced by Prince George’s County officials, which found that a handrail on a plaza outside MGM (NYSE: MGM) had become electrified, sending 120 volts into the girl when she attempted to swing between two handrails.

The report, per the Post, found that the mechanism meant to cut the voltage from 120 to 12 failed — the result of “major” code violations and installation that should never have passed inspection. Investigators found that communications, rather than electrical wiring, was used to power the lights, that insulation on the outside of the wiring wore away, and that the handrail itself was loose and not buried deeply enough into the ground.

MGM declined to comment on the investigation to the Post, except to say it is working with investigators…

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