Repeal likely of D.C.’s Initiative 77 before it takes effect

Initiative 77, the adopted D.C. voter referendum that would eliminate the city’s tipped wage in favor of the full minimum wage, is unlikely to become law — at least in its current form.

Multiple reports out of Monday’s marathon D.C. Council public hearing on a proposed repeal of Initiative 77 indicate there is a narrow majority supportive of pulling the plug before the referendum can be added to the D.C. Code. There are signs, too, that a compromise might be sought, but it is unclear what form that would take or if it could secure enough votes for passage.

“There are seven council members who put their name on a repeal,” said D.C. Councilman Charles Allen, D-Ward 6, as reported by WAMU. “It takes seven to pass something. So I feel fairly confident in saying 77 is going to be repealed.”

“The right thing to do here is repeal a bad law,” said Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, D-Ward 5, as reported by The Washington Post.

D.C. Councilman Phil Mendelson is leading the charge…

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