Nancy Laben

Nancy Laben learned a valuable lesson about networking while working for five years in Hong Kong, where she had moved to start a legal practice.

“I worked with a lot of lawyers from China who seemed to have a network of people dating back to kindergarten,” she says. “You could ask anyone about a particular issue, and they knew someone who could help them with it. That fascinated me.”

Since then, she’s made a concerted effort to build her own Rolodex of contacts, and it turns out networking has always been in her wheelhouse. Laben spent a good chunk of her teen years living in Japan, and those years abroad had a profound effect on her. “There’s a reference called ‘TCK,’ or ‘Third Culture Kids,’” Laben says. “These are kids who grow up in an environment that is not their own culture or the culture of their parents. Characteristically, we tend to be very outgoing, very inquisitive and do that networking thing very well.”

It’s a skill she’s flexed through…

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