Kim Rupert

Before SAIC and Leidos Holdings could pull off their historic split, there was a little matter that needed tending called novation — transferring contracts with the federal government from one business entity to another.

The job — spanning some 12,000 contracts — fell to Kim Rupert. Science Applications International Corp.’s operational future was riding on it. Novation was complete in 10 months. 

It’s accomplishments like that have propelled Rupert to her current role as chief risk officer at Reston-based SAIC, a $4.5 billion publicly held government contracting giant with more than 15,000 employees. She comes to work every day ready to evaluate, assess, mitigate and manage risk, everything from cybersecurity threats to aspects of financial reporting (Sarbanes-Oxley Act, anyone?) to employee health and safety.

But rather than be kept awake at night — after all, that subtext is all over her job description — Rupert says risk and compliance are actually a lot of fun.


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