Jonathan Aberman: Why quantum computing could be the next big thing in our region

Something very big is happening in our region, something big that is based on something very, very small. That something is quantum computing, which has the potential to dramatically change both the computer industry and what we use computers for. Our region missed out on leading the semiconductor revolution that made Silicon Valley a global leader in technology innovation. There’s no reason why that has to happen again in quantum computing.

To understand the quantum computing opportunity, I reached out to a number of regional experts and entrepreneurs in this rapidly developing industry. I wanted to really understand it and what the fuss is about.

Current computing technology is based upon “bits” as the smallest amount of information. A bit can only be a zero or a one. This fundamental limitation constrains not only how computers are designed and built but also he types of mathematical problems they can solve. As electrons move through ever more complex circuits, they follow a…

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