Jonathan Aberman: How an astrophysicist offers hope for innovation among D.C. area’s youth

Last week, Neil deGrasse Tyson was my guest on “What’s Working in Washington.” You might be surprised at how much an astrophysicist had to say bears on innovation and our region.

For deGrasse Tyson, the D.C. region is a place where “ambitious 20- and 30-somethings come to make a difference in the world.” He finds the energy that young people bring to our region palpable. Unlike many who argue that proximity to government makes people cynical, deGrasse Tyson sees it very differently. He sees a place full of opportunities to reflect on the views of the founding fathers. This is highly inspirational to deGrasse Tyson, since they “were people who thought more about democracy than any of us have.” He believes that this inspiration is infectious, “and you get totally pumped that you want to do something right” when you spend time in our region.

He was quick to add that the determination of what is “right” is not a subjective thing found by arguing about ideology or engaging…

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