Hogan, Jealous trade jabs on the economy, education and more in only debate

It was almost as if Gov. Larry Hogan and Democratic gubernatorial challenger Ben Jealous were talking about two completely different states as they debated their visions for Maryland on Monday.

In the one and only debate between the two, Hogan described a state that has recovered from the Great Recession and has a flourishing economy. Jealous painted a picture of a Maryland that is falling behind its peers, has seen its education ranking decline and is in need of new leadership.

As expected, both candidates took a number of jabs at each other. Jealous, the former CEO of the NAACP, came out firing and attacked Hogan time and time again as he laid out his progressive agenda for Maryland.

But the Republican didn’t back down. The businessman-turned-politician relied on his record from the prior four years. He often touted “record” investments for things like transportation and education while calling Jealous’ plans for universal health care and free community college “reckless.”


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