Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation names Alexandria firm executive architect

The Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation has named Winstanley Architects & Planners of Alexandria as executive architect.

WA&P will guide the planning and development of the memorial as well as manage and oversee a 24-step process required by the National Capital Planning Commission and National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission.

“Significant commemorative work such as this memorial require a well-laid roadmap to capture the purpose and vision of the project as well as move through necessary government approval processes,” Michael Winstanley, founding principal of WA&P, said in a statement Wednesday. “Utilizing our multidisciplinary approach and drawing on our many years of experience working in Washington, D.C., we look forward to collaborating with the GWOT Memorial Foundation to guide the planning and development of this unique and historic memorial.”

The GWOT Memorial Foundation, which is focused on advocating for land within the National Mall in Washington, will collaborate…

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