Catherine Graham

It seemed preordained that Catherine Graham’s career would have had something to do with money.

“I was probably the only 6-year-old who knew every penny in her checking account,” Graham says. “The biggest thing for me was when I realized that I had a hard time understanding numbers in algebra, but the minute you put an interest point or dollar sign in front of it, I understand it just fine.”

Another thing she quickly learned about herself? She just couldn’t stand a job that would involve doing the same things day after day.

“I enjoy the new challenge that comes from building something, the challenge that comes from having an organization that is different next month than it was last month and having to basically reinvent our path,” Graham says

That’s why Graham sought out young, fast-growing companies. Her career trajectory includes leading four successful initial public offerings — including her latest, at 2U Inc., where she’s currently working to mature the education…

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