Jane Fonda has some thoughts on Initiative 77. She stopped by the Wilson Building to share them.

Actress and activist Jane Fonda paid a visit to the D.C. Council Friday afternoon to show her support for the District’s contentious Initiative 77 measure.

The ballot measure, which D.C. voters approved 56 to 44 percent last month, gradually eliminates tip credit that allows restaurants to pay tipped employees a lower wage, as long as they ensure workers make at least the minimum wage in tips, or make up the difference.

Restaurants would have to pay tipped workers $15 an hour by 2026. The current tipped minimum wage of $3.33 would increase to $5 an hour in 2020.

A seven-councilmember majority introduced a bill this week to repeal the measure.

“The NRA — the National Restaurant Association, the other NRA — is trying to persuade the city council to not support the voice of the people in D.C. and saying, ‘It’s going to destroy restaurants. It’s going to take your tips away,’” the 80-year-old Academy Award-winning actress said to a handful of supporters on the steps…

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