Tim Kaine: D.C. area’s morning commute may be Achilles heel in Amazon HQ2 bid

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine cites the Washington region’s congested commute as its biggest weakness in its bid for Amazon HQ2.

The Virginia Democrat, who is running for re-election, believes that the region’s transportation issues, rather than a lack of affordable housing, will be the biggest obstacle in attracting Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) second headquarters to set up shop here. “It has really good public transportation, and that’s great,” Kaine said in a brief interview after his public remarks Monday to the Alliance for Housing Solutions. “But also if you drive, commute times here are long.”

Kaine said he has not been part of any lobbying efforts to attract the corporate goliath to the region, but as its former governor, he is familiar with the commonwealth’s strategies to do so.

Instead of offering large incentives, he said, Virginia often opts for other means of enticing corporations. “Virginia tends to have a different philosophy about incentives than most states,” Kaine said.


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