Entrance cut from planned Potomac Yard Metro station

The plan for the Potomac Yard Metro station is changing for the lesser, as Alexandria and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority work to keep the now $320 million project within its rising budget.

In a May 4 memo to Mayor Allison Silberberg and the City Council, Alexandria City Manager Mark Jinks detailed changes to the Metro station project, most notably the elimination of the south station entrance at Glebe Road and the south mezzanine, the south pedestrian-cycle bridge and the east ramp. Some park improvements were also cut.

Throughout the design process, Jinks said the various players will explore alternative access options to accommodate riders arriving at the station from East Glebe Road and Potomac Avenue. But he said even if money was identified now to return what was cut, it’s too late in the process to actually make those changes.

“While the station design will be amended now to remove these elements, the City will actively consider future grant opportunities…

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