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The Latest: Officials say Miller is behind DHS shake-up

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House push for a harder line on immigration, including the shake-up at the Department of Homeland Security, is being orchestrated by Trump adviser Stephen Miller, the impetus behind some of the administration’s most controversial policies.

That’s according to three officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. They say President Donald Trump is also considering separating migrant families at the border again, resuming the practice that drew so much outrage last year.

The officials say the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, L. Francis Cissna, and Homeland Security General Counsel John M. Mitnick are expected to be pushed out of their positions.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen submitted her resignation Sunday.



The Latest: Netflix moves release of film starring Huffman

BOSTON (AP) — Netflix officials decided to move the release date of a film starring Felicity Huffman who agreed to plead guilty Monday in the college admissions bribery scam.

The streaming service said Monday that “Otherhood” will not be released April 26 with a date to be determined. The romantic comedy stars Huffman, Patricia Arquette and Angela Bassett.

Huffman was accused of paying a consultant $15,000 disguised as a charitable donation to boost her daughter’s SAT score. Authorities say the actress discussed going through with the same plan for her younger daughter, but ultimately decided against it.

The 56-year-old Huffman earned Emmy nominations for her work in the Netflix series “American Crime.” She’s also expected to play a prosecutor in the Ava DuVernay-directed “When They See Us,” which releases May 17 on the streaming service.


Vaccines blocked as deadly cholera raged in Yemen

ADEN, Yemen (AP) — An Associated Press investigation has found that Yemen’s massive cholera epidemic was aggravated by official intransigence and potential corruption.

The AP’s reporting found that both the Houthi rebels who control northern Yemen and their main adversary in the war — the U.S.- and Saudi-backed government in the south — impeded efforts by relief groups to stem the epidemic.

The outbreak ultimately produced more than 1 million suspected cholera cases — the worst cholera epidemic recorded in modern times. The epidemic killed nearly 3,000 Yemenis.

Relief workers and government officials said they have seen repeated indications that insiders in both governments have skimmed off money and supplies for cholera vaccination and treatment and sold them on the black market.


Michael Cohen’s usefulness to prosecutors may be at an end

NEW YORK (AP) — Mounting indications suggest Michael Cohen’s usefulness to federal prosecutors is drying up.

With President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer looking at three years in prison, several prosecutors assigned to Cohen’s campaign-finance violation case in New York have moved on to other jobs.

And authorities recently gave him back electronic devices that the FBI seized from his home and office a year ago.

If Cohen has more dirt to spill on Trump, federal prosecutors do not seem very interested.


The Latest: Actress Allison Mack pleads guilty

NEW YORK (AP) — TV actress Allison Mack has pleaded guilty in a case involving a cult-like group based in upstate New York.

Mack entered her plea to racketeering charges on Monday, shortly before federal jury selection was scheduled to start in Brooklyn federal court.

The trial is expected to detail sensational allegations that the group, called NXIVM (NEHK’-see-uhm), recruited sex slaves for its spiritual leader, Keith Raniere.

Prosecutors accused Mack of helping Raniere recruit women to a secret sub-society within the group.

Authorities say the women were branded by a surgical tool with a symbol that resembled Raniere’s initials. Mack has said in an interview that the group emphasized self-discipline and self-empowerment and she likened the branding to getting a tattoo, but cooler.

The defense says the women were never abused.


The Latest: FBI still investigating whether woman is a spy

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A prosecutor says the FBI is still investigating whether a Chinese woman accused of lying to illegally enter President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida is a spy.

Speaking during Yujing Zhang’s bail hearing Monday afternoon, prosecutor Rolando Garcia said they weren’t making allegations of spying at this time but there are “a lot of questions that remain to be answered.”

Zhang is charged with lying to a federal agent and illegal entering. Her bail hearing was adjourned until next week and she’ll be held until then.

The 32-year-old woman was arrested March 30 after Secret Service agents say she gained admission by falsely telling a checkpoint she was a member and was going to swim. She was arrested after agents say they found her carrying four cellphones, an external hard drive and a thumb drive with computer malware installed.


Storm to hit Rockies before forming new ‘bomb cyclone’

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana town evacuated for a wildfire one day has snow in the forecast two days later. Fire warnings have popped up across eastern Colorado. Areas that were paralyzed by blizzards and floods last month are getting ready for round two of a weather phenomenon known as a “bomb cyclone.”

Welcome to springtime in the Rockies and parts of the Great Plains.

Meteorologists say much of it is normal. But what is unusual is the second consecutive month for an inland bomb cyclone, which is a rapid drop in air pressure.

A March 13 bomb cyclone caused massive flooding and produced winds of between 96 and 110 mph.

A new one is expected to form this week over many of those same areas.


Associated Press writers Seth Borenstein in Washington, D.C., and Dan Elliott in Denver contributed to this report.


NCAA Latest: Texas Tech bench keeping Red Raiders close

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Texas Tech’s bench is keeping coach Chris Beard’s team alive against Virginia.

Brandone Francis has 15 points and Kyler Edwards has 10, helping to make up for off games from star guard Jarrett Culver and forward Tariq Owens. All told, the Texas Tech bench has outscored Virginia’s backups 25-2 with just under 5 minutes left in the national title game.

The Red Raiders will need their backups to overcome a six-point deficit down the stretch.

Owens, who was trying to play through a sprained ankle, has already fouled out. He finished with just three points and five rebounds.

— Dave Skretta reporting from Minneapolis.



The Latest: EU committee OKs terror content takedown rule

LONDON (AP) — A European Union lawmakers’ committee has approved a proposal to fine internet companies up to 4% of their revenue if they don’t remove terrorist content within one hour of being notified by authorities.

An EU parliamentary committee approved the draft legislation on Monday despite heavy opposition from digital rights groups, tech trade bodies and some lawmakers.

They said the one-hour deadline is too short and, combined with the threat of big fines, would encourage companies to err on the side of caution by “over-removing” lawful content.

Critics also say it places a bigger burden on smaller internet companies than on tech giants like Facebook and Google, which can use their own automated filters. They worry U.S. tech giants would end up becoming the web’s de facto censors.


US measles tally hits 465, with most illnesses in kids

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. measles cases are continuing to jump, and most of the reported illnesses are in children.

Health officials say 465 measles cases have been reported this year, as of last week. That’s up from 387 the week before.

The numbers are preliminary. The 2019 tally is already the most since 2014, when 667 were reported. The most before that was 963 cases in 1994.

Outbreaks have hit several states, including California, Michigan and New Jersey. New York City accounted for about two-thirds of the U.S. cases reported last week.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated the numbers Monday. Roughly 80% of the cases are age 19 or younger.

The CDC recommends that all children get two doses of measles vaccine. It says the vaccine is 97% effective.

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