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The Latest: Trump tours wildfire-ravaged Malibu area

WASHINGTON (AP) — During his trip to survey wildfire damage in California, President Donald Trump met briefly at an airport hangar with families and first responders touched by the shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks more than a week ago, which left 12 dead in what Trump called “a horrible, horrible event.”

Reporters and photographers were not allowed to accompany the president to the session, which Trump later described as emotional.

“What can you say other than it’s so sad to see. These are great people. Great families, torn apart,” he told reporters. “We just hugged them and we kissed them — and everybody. And it was very warm.”

He added: “It was tragic and yet, in one way, it was a very beautiful moment.”


The Latest: DeSantis: No reaction to race he declared ‘over’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The campaign of Republican Ron DeSantis says it has no immediate response to Democrat Andrew Gillum’s concession in the Florida governor’s race but referred back to a statement Thursday in which DeSantis declared the contest “over.”

The earlier statement said the machine recount from the governor’s race was “clear and unambiguous” just as it was on Election Night and that “with the campaign now over,” DeSantis would be focusing to govern.

In that statement, DeSantis also said he was humbled by the support he received and called it a “great honor the people of Florida have shown me as I prepare to serve as your next governor.”

Gillum posted a live video on Facebook on Saturday afternoon congratulating DeSantis. Gillum had conceded to DeSantis on election night, but retracted it after the margin between the two candidates narrowed. The race went to a legally required recount, but after an initial machine recount, DeSantis still led Gillum by more than 30,000 votes.


The Latest: Trump says full report on Khashoggi coming soon

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says his administration will release a full report in the next two days about the death of a Saudi journalist.

The death of the Saudi writer and critic Jamal Khashoggi has created a diplomatic conundrum for the president, who wants to admonish Riyadh for the killing yet maintain strong ties with a close ally in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat has said the crown prince had “absolutely” nothing to do with it.

News reports say that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing.

Others familiar with the case caution that while it’s likely that the crown prince was involved in the death, there continue to be questions about what role he played.


Democrat Cisneros nabs GOP House seat in Southern California

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Democrat Gil Cisneros has captured a Republican-held U.S. House seat in Southern California, capping a Democratic rout in which the party picked up six state congressional seats.

Cisneros had been in a tight battle with Republican Young Kim for the seat held by retiring Republican Rep. Ed Royce.

The 47-year-old Navy veteran and $266 million lottery jackpot winner had argued that voters were eager for change, and made affordable health care a key issue.

Kim was seeking to become the first Korean immigrant woman elected to Congress.

With Cisneros’ win, Democrats will hold a 45-8 edge in California’s U.S. House seats next year.


Migrants get cool reception in Mexican border town

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Many of the nearly 3,000 migrants who have reached the border with California say they do not feel welcome in the Mexican city of Tijuana.

The vast majority were camped out at a sports complex, sleeping on a dirt baseball field and under bleachers. The city opened the complex after other shelters were filled to capacity. Church groups provided portable showers, bathrooms and sinks — and handed out coffee and doughnuts.

But the mayor has called the migrants’ arrival an “avalanche” that the city is ill-prepared to handle, while some locals have shouted insults.

It’s a stark contrast to the many Mexican communities that welcomed the caravan with signs, music and donations of clothing after it entered Mexico nearly a month ago.


The Latest: Utility files 2nd report on power line failure

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric Company officials have filed a second report with California regulators about a power line failure near the start of a deadly wildfire the morning the fire began.

The Mercury News of San Jose reported Saturday that the filing indicated the utility had an outage at 6:45 a.m. on Nov. 8 in Concow, near Paradise.

The utility previously reported to the state Public Utilities Commission that it detected an outage on an electrical transmission line near the site of the blaze. It said a subsequent aerial inspection showed damage to a transmission tower on the line.

No cause of the fire has been determined. But Cal Fire officials said this week they are investigating a possible second ignition point.

A PG&E spokesman did not immediately respond to an email Saturday night.

San Francisco-based PG&E is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities serving most of Northern and central California.


Midterm elections reveal effects of gerrymandered districts

The midterm elections have provided a case study on partisan gerrymandering that shows how the drawing of district boundaries can affect who’s elected to Congress.

Earlier this year, courts in Pennsylvania and North Carolina declared their congressional districts to be unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders. Districts were re-drawn by a court in Pennsylvania, but not in North Carolina.

On Nov. 6, voters elected nine Democrats and nine Republicans under Pennsylvania’s new map — a significant shift from the 13-5 GOP majority under the old map drawn by Republican.

In North Carolina, the congressional delegation retained a 10-3 Republican majority under a map drawn by Republicans. And that’s despite an almost even split in the popular vote between Democrats and Republicans.


In defeat, Abrams casts aside traditional expectations

ATLANTA (AP) — Stacey Abrams broke the rules of politics until the very end.

The Georgia Democrat came about 60,000 votes shy of becoming America’s first black woman governor. She then refused to follow the traditional script for defeated politicians who offer gracious congratulations to their competitor.

Instead, Abrams ended her campaign in an unapologetically indignant tone. Such a move would typically risk drawing a “sore loser” label.

But Democrats and even some Republicans say she is likely to emerge from the race with her political future on solid ground.


Recount adds to Florida’s reputation for bungling elections

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — The Florida recount for governor and senator has revived complaints about the state’s long history of election trouble.

Florida’s reputation for bungling elections dates back to 2000, when it took more than five weeks for the state to declare George W. Bush the victor over Al Gore by 537 votes. Back then, punch-card ballots were punch lines.

This year’s glitches led a federal judge to ask why state officials have repeatedly failed to anticipate problems in elections. Judge Mark Walker even referred to Florida as “the laughingstock of the world.”

Mary Sanders disagrees. The 74-year-old volunteer with the League of Women Voters says the world doesn’t see the normal side of Florida during times such as this. She says the election in Pinellas County has been well run.


The Latest: Crashed WW II plane was part of museum event

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (AP) — The director of a museum says that a vintage World War II fighter plane that crashed into the parking lot of an apartment complex in Fredericksburg, Texas, had performed during a flyover as part of a living history show for the museum.

Rorie Cartier, director of the National Museum of the Pacific War, tells The Associated Press in an email that the privately-owned P-51D Mustang fighter was returning to the Gillespie County Airport in Fredericksburg when it crashed, killing the pilot and a passenger.

He says the names of those killed are being withheld pending notification of family.

Cartier added: “We express our deepest condolences to the families of both on board.”

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