Authorities: Georgia deputies shot woman holding pellet gun

FORSYTH, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say Georgia sheriff’s deputies fatally shot a 42-year-old woman confronting them with a pellet gun after the officers were dispatched on a 911 call.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that Ida Christy Stiles died after three Monroe County deputies fired their guns at her.

The GBI says a woman called 911 on Monday morning asking for deputies to be sent to Stiles’ address. The news release says Stiles refused to come to the door when three deputies arrived, so deputies entered the house and were “confronted by Stiles, who brandished a pistol.”

The GBI says authorities discovered after the shooting that the pistol Stiles held was a pellet gun.

The woman’s father, David Stiles, told WMAZ-TV his daughter had a history of mental illness.

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