Missouri 5-year-old meets city leaders over ice cream

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A 5-year-old Missouri girl is on mission to have ice cream with some of the state’s most influential people.

Kindergartener Taylor Duncan met Tuesday with Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin over orange sherbet, the Jefferson City News-Tribune reported.

The visit was part of a project Taylor and her mother developed to learn about Missouri history by meeting with mayors over an ice cream cone.

“At first, we were just going to try to visit some of the local mayors — but everybody that heard about it was really supportive,” said Therese Duncan, Taylor’s mom. “We figured it would be a great way for us to see the state, too.”

The Waynesville family started the project in August and has been making its way around the state. Taylor had ice cream Monday with about 70 mayors at a conference in Branson. Before the event, she had already traveled to meet 32 of Missouri’s mayors.

No mayor has declined Taylor’s request so far.

Taylor and her mom reached out to the governor over Facebook about meeting for an ice cream summit, which turned into a tour of the governor’s mansion and a visit to the state Capitol.

Parson said Taylor has a passion for learning and a strong memory. She enjoys getting to know the mayors, their families and the cities, the governor said.

Taylor told Parson that she’d make the state better by ensuring all children have playgrounds with swings.

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