Rights group: Activist seized in Cairo resurfaces in Sudan

CAIRO (AP) — An international rights group says a Sudanese opposition activist who had been living in Egypt was abducted and returned to Sudan in an operation coordinated by the security services of both countries.

Human Rights Watch says Sudanese authorities have confirmed they are holding activist Mohamed Boshi, who was taken in Cairo in October and held incommunicado before being charged last week with espionage and crimes against the state.

HRW’s Jehanne Henry said on Thursday that “Egyptian and Sudanese authorities cooperated in forcibly disappearing and returning an asylum-seeker to Sudan, in clear violation of international norms and the prohibitions on enforced disappearances, persecution, and torture.”

The New York-based group urged for Boshi’s release.

Boshi faces the death penalty. Egypt and Sudan regularly cooperate against opposition figures in both countries.

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