Israel’s Netanyahu appears poised to call early elections

FILE - In this March 17, 2015 file photo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets supporters at the party's election headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. His top ministers are squabbling, a domestic political land mine beckons and an indictment for corruption could be just around the corner. Indications are mounting that Netanyahu may soon call for new elections, nearly a year ahead of schedule, bringing a premature end to his fourth term in office. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty, File)

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top ministers are squabbling, a deadline looms for contentious legislation that may bring down his government and a corruption indictment could be just around the corner.

Against this backdrop, there’re signs he may soon call for elections — possibly as early as next week, when parliament reconvenes from its summer break.

And though Netanyahu hasn’t committed yet, conditions appear ripe for him to schedule the vote, nearly a year ahead of schedule.

Polls, for now at least, predict a solid Netanyahu victory, one that would assure his place in history as Israel’s longest-serving leader and allow him to solidify his close alliance with President Donald Trump.

But one big obstacle could still trip him up: a mounting corruption investigation that may soon deliver criminal charges.

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