Israel says troops kill Palestinian after attempted stabbing

Palestinian students get away from teargas fired by Israeli near a school in the village of Sawyeh near the West Bank city of Nablus, Monday, Oct. 15, 2018. The Israeli military closed down the 500 student school in Sawyeh yesterday following stone throwing protests, but the students defied the decision and came with their families to the schools Monday, (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli troops on Monday shot and killed a Palestinian man who allegedly tried to stab a soldier in the northern West Bank, the military said.

The military said the alleged attacker did not wound any soldiers before he was spotted and shot.

The incident came as security forces continued to search for a Palestinian who shot and killed two Israelis in a West Bank industrial park last week. The military notified the man’s family on Monday that it intends to demolish his home in response to the attack.

The area has experienced an uptick in violence since last week’s shooting.

Also Monday, the Israeli army ordered a nearby Palestinian school closed following alleged stone-throwing protests, firing tear gas and stun grenades to clear out the building.

The military said Monday it declared the 500-student school in Sawyeh a closed military zone in response to a “large number of popular terror acts.” But students defied the order and came to classes with their families, backed by the Palestinian education minister.

Troops fired tear gas and stun grenades into the school early Monday, sending students and their families scrambling out of the building.

The army did not say when the school would reopen.

Over the weekend, a Palestinian woman was killed after being hit in the face with a stone thrown at her car — an attack the Palestinians have blamed on Israeli settlers.

Last week, a Palestinian assailant stabbed an Israeli soldier in the same area.

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