Cyclone strands families in eastern Yemen

CAIRO (AP) — A Yemeni governor is calling for help to evacuate some 50 families stuck amid flooding, strong storms, and heavy rain in the eastern city of Ghaida, after cyclone Luban hit the region.

Rageh Bakreet posted on Facebook images of men standing on top of their buildings in the governorate of Mahra in eastern Yemen, after Luban made a strong landfall.

Bakreet, who is the governor of Mahra, describes the situation as “disastrous” and says the only way to rescue the families is by airlift. He adds that “the situation surpasses our humble capabilities.”

The governor has ordered all government offices and schools to shut temporarily amid power outages across most of Ghaida.

The tropical cyclone Luban formed in the Arabian Sea off Oman last week.

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