University of Maryland chancellor Caret on football scandal: ‘Let’s try to get this done and behind us’

University System of Maryland Chancellor Robert L. Caret continues to hear the same phrase when it comes to the investigation clouding over the University of Maryland football program: “Let’s just get it done.”

The state’s flagship school has been rocked by an ESPN report about what it called a “toxic culture” in Maryland football’s program under Coach DJ Dirkin that may have led to the June 13 death of freshman lineman Jordan McNair.

“I think the major pressure here [from school boosters and local politicians] is let’s try to get this done and behind us so we can start to rebuild as opposed to continue discussing the negatives,” Caret said during an interview with the Baltimore Business Journal. “But by the same token, we have made it clear and my board has made it clear we’re not going to rush this process.”

The death of any student — athlete or not — is “catastrophic to a campus,” Caret said, adding that the ESPN report “sort of added to the ferment.”

The University System…

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