Which common household items might be giving you acne

(NEW YORK) — If you’re looking to beat blemishes, you may want to check some everyday objects as the possible culprits.

Victoria Kirby, beauty director at Redbook magazine, shared the scoop on ABC News’ Good Morning America Thursday on the common products that your body interacts with that can cause body acne:

A cotton pillowcase:

Dirt and oil build-up on pillow cases can block pores and trigger acne. Instead, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, which is much gentler on your face, Kirby said.

Your phone:

Think about how many times a day your fingers touch that screen, bringing with them a lot of bacteria. Then, every time you talk on the phone, all that icky stuff comes into contact with your face and can set off everything from pimples to irritation. Kirby suggests getting in the habit of wiping down your entire phone and screen every night with a disinfecting antibacterial wipe.

Tight clothing, helmets, straps, sports bras, shoulder pads:

Anything that causes pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing can spark body blemishes. “When it’s really tight against your skin, it’s holding in sweat and bacteria,” Kirby said. “Try to get in the habit after your workout, of taking off your sports bra or top immediately and showering.”

Dermatologist and skin expert Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton joined GMA Thursday to discuss how common products could be making you break out and which beauty items to avoid.

“Avoid heavy oils, things like corn oil, olive oil, coconut oil, which everybody’s using, and avoid heavy butters,” Ingleton said. “Things that have cocoa butter in it is a real problem. Maybe castor oil, heavy cocoa butters. They’re all problems. They’re in common hair products, skin products, moisturizers, makeups even.”

Ingleton said the best way to treat acne at home is to choose gentle, oil-free products. If you don’t have a dermatologist, Ingleton suggests using over-the-counter products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Other tips: Morning and night, wash your face and be sure to remove all makeup before bed.

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