12 interesting facts about cars

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Cars are part of our everyday life and get us to the places that we want to go. But did you know these ten interesting facts about cars?

The world’s first automobile was developed by Carl Benz in 1885. The top speed of the motor car was 16 km per hour. It had a one cylinder four-stroke engine installed horizontally on a specifically designed chassis. It was known as the Benz Patent Motorwagen. Photo Credit: Flickr, Jun Seita
In 1908, the Model T developed by Henry Ford became the first car available to the masses. This was a low-cost car. It cost around $850 in 1908 and $260 in 1925.   Photo Credit: Flickr, cea+ (Wieck/Ford)
An average car has 30,000 parts. About 9,770,000 cars were made in Japan in 2014. Of this total, Toyota made about 3,270,000 cars.   Photo Credit: Flickr, Aaron “tango” Tang
The first self-propelled vehicle–Cugnot Fardierwas made by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769. It was a steam-powered tricycle. Photo Credit: Flickr, Ωméga *
The Toyota Corolla is the world’s best selling car. The Corolla is sold over 150 countries and regions and the company sells 1 Corolla every 15 seconds. Since its launch in 1966, the company has sold more than 44.1 million of these cars and that is roughly equivalent to 20% of the company’s overall sales. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, Kevauto
Tata Nano, manufactured by the Indian automotive giant Tata Motors, is the world’s cheapest car. It is a rear wheel drive car and can run at a top speed of 105 km per hour. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, Nikkul at English Wikipedia
Interesting facts about the Ferrari logo. The horse emblem with a bright yellow color in the background came to existence when Enzo Ferrari was asked to paint a prancing horse on his vehicles to honor fighter pilot and World War I hero Count Francesco Barraca, who painted a similar horse on his plane. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, Lord of the Wings© from Toronto, Canada
The British traffic police carry teddy bears among their equipment to comfort children after a road mishap. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, Slinkierbus268
There are more cars than people in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Pixabay, prvideotv
Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in which to buy a new car. Denmark collects 150% tax on all new car purchases. However, according to a source, the country is recently looking to cut the tax rate to 100% for new vehicle purchases. Photo Credit: Pixabay, Witizia
According to the cars.com, the Ferrari 458 Spider, 563 is the most accident-prone cars in the world. And the least accident prone-vehicle according to the website is the Ford F-150 SuperCrew, 42. Photo Credit: Flickr, FotoSleuth
In 2017, Tesla became the world’s second most valuable car company. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, Carlquinn

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