World’s most dangerous roads

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If you thought driving in the DMV was hazardous, check out these spine-chilling routes around the world.

The Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia
Stretching almost 7,000 miles from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. During the warm, wet summers, sections of the road have been transformed into an impassable quagmire.  ( (wikipediia commons)
BR116- Brazil.  Rodovia de Morte is known as the highway of Death to Brazilians.
It’s one of the longest roads in the country and has a high mortality rate…partly because it passes through some extremely dangerous, poverty-stricken areas.   ( (Wikipedia commons)
Atlantic Road, Norway
The five-mile highway links islands between Kristansund and Molde, boasts eight bridges, and has an infamous stretch along the ocean that gets battered by massive waves and fierce winds during storms   ( (wikipedia.commons)
Kabul-to-Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Located in “the Valley of Death,” vertical drops, sharp turns and kamikaze drivers mean the highway “claims so many lives so regularly that most people stopped counting long ago.”  Not to mention the fact that this is Taliban territory. Enough said.   ( (Wikipedia commons)
 Guoliang Tunnel Road, China
The literal English translation for the mile-long Guoliang Tunnel Rd is “Road that tolerates no mistakes.” Not only is it one of the steepest roads in the world, but it’s become one of the area’s top tourist attractions to be visited- however, most visitors do so on foot!   ( (flickr)
Old Yungas Road, Bolivia
Also known as El Camino de la Muerte or “Death Road”, this highway was built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930s. Traffic travels in both directions, but the road is extremely narrow and there are no guard rails. Heavy rain and fog often add to the danger, and one minor miscalculation can mean a fall of up to 600 metres.    (
 Zojila Pass, India
This high-altitude pass experiences high winds and heavy snowfall, which makes it impossible and impassable for much of the winter. Even in good weather, it’s very narrow, the drops are steep, and there are no barriers or guardrails.   ( (Picasa 2.0)
Transfăgărășan, Romania
This road twists and turns for more than 50 miles around the tallest of Romania’s Carpathian mountains and features dozens of hairpins, tunnels and steep hills   ( (Wikipedia commons)
Trans-Sahara Highway
This links Algiers in the north with Lagos in the south, passing through 2800 miles of desert.  Fuel and water facilities are few and far between and  you may experience temperatures of up t0 110 degrees and sandstorms sometimes block the road.   ( (Picasa 3.0)
Stelvio Pass, Italy
At nearly 10,000 feet up in the Alps, the Stelvio Pass is one of the most scenic drives in the world. However it also features dangerous 180-degree corners, low barriers, steep cliffs, and icy roads and slick conditions in the winter.   ( (Wikipedia commons)
Dalton Highway, Alaska
This isolated 414-mile highway was built as a supply road to support oil exploration in Alaska. Giant truck traffic creates huge clouds of dust, reducing visibility to zero,  and there are mammoth pot holes. There is also freezing Arctic weather to contend with.   ( (Wikipedia commons)
Highway 550, Colorado Fortunately most of the roads in the Continental US are much better than many around the world but the 25-mile stretch of Highway 550 in southwestern Colorado can be a challenge. The scariest part of the road is that it lacks guardrails, which are absent to allow for removing snow and avalanche debris. There are no shoulders on much of this section, either, so weaving off the road means a plunge down the side of the mountain.   ( (Wikipedia commons)
 Highway 2,  Montana
Montana has the highest fatality rate in the U.S. according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s findings that rural roads are more dangerous than urban ones. Why? The reasons include long transportation times for ambulances to get crash victims to hospitals—an average of 80 minutes in the vast plains.  Also there’s so little traffic that drivers drive faster, and U.S. Highway 2 crosses the northern and most remote part of the state.   (   (Wikipedia commons)

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