Study: High school kids reveal they’re ‘tired,’ ‘bored’ and ‘stressed’


(NEW YORK) — Perhaps they’re not just cranky teenagers. A new study revealed that when asked, U.S. high school students said they were “tired,” “bored” and “stressed.”

The study, published Friday via Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, surveyed 22,000 high school students across the nation with one simple question: “How do you currently feel in school?” The survey left three blank spaces for responses.

Eighty percent of the responses were negative with 39 percent of students saying they felt “tired,” 29 percent said they were “stressed” and 26 percent claimed they were “bored.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, 22 percent of students said they were “happy” while 4.7 percent said they were “excited.”

Researchers said educators should be concerned about the findings.

“It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if your brain is constantly having to respond to stress,” Marc Brackett, a researcher in the Yale University Department of Psychology and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, said.

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