What’s the Secret to Happiness?


(NEW YORK) — What do you think is the key to happiness? Is it money, power or health? A group of scientists say it’s all in the mind.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has developed a 10-week, four-step program they say helps train the mind into true happiness, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reports.

“Happiness is a habit,” says lead researcher Dr. Amit Sood. “Some of us are born with it; others have to choose it.”

The Handbook for Happiness breaks down four research-supported aspects of what they say contribute to 40 to 50 percent of your happiness. The research is built on studies that show we are inclined to focus on negative experiences because our ancestors needed this habit for survival. The book aims to switch this focus to positive experiences, which will help us be happier, says Dr. Sood.

The four steps to happiness, according to Mayo Clinic’s book, are to train your attention on positive things, build emotional resilience, connect to your mind and body and choose healthy habits.

There are no get-rich, weight-loss or relationship tips in this book. The author aims to teach readers to have more power over their thoughts as a means of having power over their happiness.

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