Branded bobbies: Scotland Yard to launch merchandise range

LONDON (AP) — London’s police force is aiming to earn some cash with a line of toys, clothes and souvenirs bearing the Scotland Yard logo.

The force has granted permission for its logo, images of officers on patrol and the rotating “Scotland Yard” sign outside police headquarters to be used on merchandise.

Police said Wednesday that products will not be allowed to “directly reflect the uniform of the Metropolitan Police Service,” the force’s official name.

New York’s police department has a successful range of NYPD-branded goods, but London’s 189-year-old force has previously sold just a few items including cufflinks, mugs and pens .

The force is working with Transport for London, which has its own well-established product range, and branding company The Point.1888.

Police funding has been reduced as part of government spending cuts.

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