Albania’s first toll road opens 5 months after violence

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albania’s first toll road has opened in the country’s northeast despite calls for protests on social media.

There were no disturbances early Monday, when just a few vehicles passed through the toll station in Kolsh, 130 kilometers (81 miles) northeast of the capital, Tirana.

Local media reported that some protesters had convened in the nearby city of Kukes.

In March, protesters burned down toll booths and scuffled with police complaining of the tolls for residents’ cars, obliging the government and the private company managing the road to lower it from 5 euros ($5.80) to less than one euro.

Tolls for non-residents range from 2.50 euros for motorcycles to 22.50 euros for trucks.

Many tourists from neighboring, landlocked Kosovo travel to enjoy the Albanian seaside through the 110-kilometer (70-mile) road.

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