How you could spend your congested commuting time

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According to a recent WTOP article, D.C. is the 6th most car-clogged city in the U.S. — and No. 15 in the world, according to a global traffic scorecard compiled by data firm Inrix. D.C.-area commuters spend 61 hours caught in traffic congestion each year, according to the analysis. If you didn’t have to sit in traffic for that long, here’s what else you could do with that chunk of time.

Relaxing on a beach for over 2 and a half days! 61 hours is a weekends worth of time that you could be spending relaxing on the beach! Photo Credit: Pexels
61 Massages!  You could get 61 hour long massages in that time period. Treat yourself! Photo Credit: Pixabay
Go to approximately 20 concerts! Most concerts last around 3 hours…think of all the concerts you could attend this summer! Photo Credit: Flickr
Run 12 Marathons (At a 5 hour pace) Photo Credit: Flickr
Listen to 61 podcasts Most podcasts are 60 minutes. Based on that math, that gives you 61 podcasts to listen to! Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons  
Attend approximately 20 Broadway musicals  Most Broadway musicals run around 3 hours, get to NYC now and start watching! Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Spend more time with family Most people’s biggest regret is not spending enough time with family, if you could get 61 hours of your life back, who would you spend it with? Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures
Relax and unwind with 61 yoga sessions! Yoga is a great way to de-stress and you can commit as much or as little to the practice as you have time for! Photo Credit: Pixabay
Watch more baseball or soccer! You could watch 20 baseball games (Approx 3 hours) or 40 soccer games (90 minutes)! Photo Credit: Flickr
Fly round trip to LA from DC 5 times! With the average flight from DC to LA clocking in around 6 hours, you can spend that time traveling to the west coast! Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons (Pierre-Selim Huard)

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