What can you do with $22/day?

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Commuting in the Washington, DC area can be tough but a great way to get around all that stress is by ridesharing. Ridesharing is defined as two or more people traveling together in an automobile or van. Ridesharing has many benefits that include fuel cost savings, HOV lane access, overall expense saving by minimized driving and more. By ridesharing, you can save an average of $22/day. So what can you do with an extra $22 a day? Here are ten things you could put that extra cash towards.

 1.) Purchase some new music on iTunes.  At $1.29 a piece, you could purchase a total of 17 new songs a day! That is enough for a whole new playlist to listen to on your way to and from work while ridesharing. Photo Credit: Wikipedia
 2.) Buy more coffee! With a grande regular hot coffee going for about $2.10 at Starbucks, that extra $22 a day will let you save up for 2 work week’s worth of coffee. Or if you want to splurge, you could get those fancy espresso drinks you have always wanted. Photo Credit: Pixabay
3.) Go out for breakfast or lunch with your coworkers If you have the time, the extra $22 a day will give you the opportunity to get out of the office and have breakfast or lunch with your coworkers at that new place around the corner you have always been wanting to try. Photo Credit: Thinkstock (Getty Images/iStockphoto/YakobchukOlena)
4.) Put into a savings account If you saved an average of $22/day, that equals to about $5,700 of savings a year! By putting this money away into a savings account, you can plan to buy something even bigger in the future like a fabulous vacation or you can put a down payment on a new car.  Maybe a top of the line, cutting edge new appliance or piece of technology for your home! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
5.) Take a fun workout class With that extra money, you can spend it on a fun workout class.  Spinning, yoga, barre, Zumba- the choice is yours each day to try something new as the DC area has plenty of fun new workouts to try that are under $22. Photo Credit: Pxhere
6.) Go see a movie Or two for that matter! With movie prices ranging around $12 to $15 a ticket, you can get over to the cinema and check out a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Or if you really want to splurge, you still have enough money to see the movie in IMAX or a theatre with those fancy reclining chairs! Photo Credit: Pixabay
 7.) Pay off that debt Paying down your debt!  Put that $22 a day towards paying off your debt.  Becoming debt free puts you in complete control of your money.  You’ll pay less interest and you’ll improve your credit score.   Photo Credit: Flickr  
8.) Buy that extra gadget or piece of clothing you have been eyeing Have you been eyeing a particular gadget or piece of clothing but just couldn’t allow yourself to splurge every now and then?  With your new found $22 a day, you have the extra cash to indulge yourself from time to time. Photo Credit: Pxhere
 9.) Treat your pet  Don’t leave your furry friend out of the fun!  You can use your $22 dollars a day towards treats, toys, a pet walker, or even pet daycare while you’re at work. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Getty Images/iStockphoto/MirasWonderland)
 10.) Start an Emergency Fund Put that $22 away for a rainy day. Establishing an emergency savings fund now can have a big payoff later. Setting aside emergency savings can help you get by if your home or car needs urgent repairs, as well as in more serious situations such as illness or unemployment. Photo Credit: Flickr

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