Top five ways to ease your commute

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The daily commute can be stressful in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Here are five ways to make your drive less stressful and make the ride to work more fun.

1.) Listening to music- Nothing makes a commute go by faster then listening to your favorite songs in the car. Some ways to make the most out of your commute with your music can be having your own carpool karaoke or discovering a new playlist on a streaming service like Spotify and Pandora. Photo Credit: Pexels
2.) Listen to audiobooks or podcasts- Your commuting time is the perfect way to catch up on a chapter or two of that book you have always wanted to read or to listen to that podcast that everyone is talking about in the office. Plus, listening to podcasts is a great way to get your brain engaged before a long work day! Here is a list of some local podcasts and a list of some popular audiobooks on Audible. Photo Credit: Pxhere
3.) Rideshare or Carpool to Work- Nothing can make your commute easier then getting to sit back, relax and not have to drive to the office! Some carpooling efforts even pay you back, like the Commuter Connections Rideshare Program. Joining Commuter Connections has its benefits! When you sign up to rideshare, you can save an average of $22 a day, reduce stress and qualify for a range of program benefits.  Commuter Connections offers free info & resources, along with FREE Ridematching services & benefits. It’s easy; just register for free at Commuter or call 800.745.RIDE and you’ll receive ridematches & helpful information to ease your commute. Use the CarpoolNow app for ridesharing on demand. Share a ride when you want, where you want.  The savings really add up and you’ll be reducing your stress of having to be behind the wheel and get back precious time to catch up on sleep, work, social media, or shopping online. (Getty Images/iStockphoto/bowdenimages)
4.) Find alternative routes- One of the best ways to improve your commute is to mix up the route on a daily basis. Instead of driving the same roads every day, take the side streets instead of the highway, or the scenic route instead of the direct approach. This will not only engage your brain before the workday but you might even see some nice sights such as beautiful neighborhood homes, historical monuments or a new coffee shop that you might want to try in the future! Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons
5.) Brainstorm for the day ahead- Some of our best thoughts come from when we are sitting in the car by ourselves and we don’t have anyone distracting us. Instead of getting frustrated by the traffic surrounding you, make a mini to-do list in your head. This to-do list can consist of five things you want to accomplish for the day or even for the week. This might be that project you have been meaning to finish at home or that problem that you have been having at work. If you take time to let your mind wander, you won’t even realize how long the commute is. Plus you will feel accomplished before you even start the workday! Photo Credit: Pxhere   (Watt, Catie)

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