Consumer Reports rankings of auto reliability

Consumer Reports issued its annual auto reliability rankings on Wednesday. The magazine predicts the reliability of future models based on surveys of its subscribers, who own or lease over 500,000 vehicles from the 2000-2017 model years.

The rankings are closely watched by the industry, since car buyers frequently look to Consumer Reports for advice.

These are the brand rankings and the number of spots each brand rose or fell from last year.

Brand Change from 2016
Lexus +1
Toyota -1
Mazda +9
Subaru +2
Kia -2
Infiniti +1
Audi -3
BMW -3
Mini NA
Hyundai No change
Porsche +2
Genesis NA
Acura +6
Nissan -3
Honda -6
Volkswagen No change
Mercedes-Benz -3
Ford -3
Buick -11
Lincoln +2
Dodge +3
Jeep -2
Chevrolet -5
Chrysler -7
GMC +1
Ram -1
Tesla -6
Cadillac -1
Volvo -6

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