‘Ghost town’ for sale in Colorado


(CABIN CREEK, Colo.) — Enjoy solitude? An entire town in Colorado that’s 45 minutes from Denver could be yours for $350,000.

The price includes 5 acres, an old gas station with garage, an eight-room motel, restaurant, RV park, two houses, and a private shooting range according to a Craigslist post.

Owner James Johnson said the town used to be a popular spot, but after a murder in the 1970’s it turned into a ghost town.

Johnson isn’t shy about the poor condition of some of the properties in his post, but he boasts there is a new electric panel, a new well, and sewer.

He also thinks Cabin Creek could work for huge families, people who want to start a business, or car racing fans.

“We would like to sell,” he said in the post. “We have some traveling we would like to do and this project keeps us here.”

Even though Johnson said most of the neighbors “are hundreds of acres away,” security is tight with a 6-foot chain link fence because of some “idiot tenants [that] stole and ruined many things.”

“I have installed 16 high definition Security Surveillance Camera’s covering the entire property,” he said in the post. “I have also installed alarm systems on the buildings and the property calls me when someone pulls off the Highway into the driveway.”

More information about Cabin Creek can be found on the Craiglist post and the town’s website.

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