Why ‘Made in the USA’ matters

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In today’s global economy, some of the products you buy may have been made in other countries. That outsourcing of labor from the United States comes with both benefits and drawbacks.

Sometimes items cost less, due to outsourcing, which is good for consumers and retailers alike.

“Job outsourcing helps U.S. companies be more competitive in the global marketplace,” according to The Balance financial site. “It allows them to sell to foreign markets with overseas branches. They keep labor costs low by hiring in emerging markets with lower standards of living.”

Unfortunately, a major problem of outsourcing is it can increase the country’s unemployment rate. In fact, U.S. overseas affiliates employ over 14 million workers—double the number of unemployed Americans, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The top U.S. industries being outsourced are manufacturing, human resources, technology, and call centers, the BEA says.

Companies that support local manufacturing and operations have a noble standard, but still have to compete with low-priced labor in foreign markets. When consumers make a conscious choice to support those companies, they help provide jobs to people living in the United States. Those workers then have increased disposable income to buy more goods and services, which in turn can support other local businesses and, by extension, the entire U.S. economy.

There are also less tangible reasons companies choose to keep their operations in the USA.

“Our organization was founded by an individual who believed that you should put your heart and soul into whatever you do and do it well,” said Dave Marquis, president of the Rhode Island-based company Beacon Design by ChemArt. “He believed in hard work, doing things right the first time, and taking pride in what you make. To me, that’s one of the basic tenets that made this country great—people working hard and taking pride in what they do.”

Beacon Design is probably best known for its design and production of the annual White House Ornament, sold by the White House Historical Association, whose mission is to protect, preserve, and provide public access to the history of the White House. Beacon also specializes in the custom design and production keepsakes for everyday folks in less prominent organizations, employing local craftspeople for all of its manufacturing.

Working with non-profits and historical, military and government agencies, Beacon Design creates custom keepsakes that those organizations then use to raise needed money, recognize donors, and commemorate special events or anniversaries, according to Ana Lopes, Beacon Design vice-president of sales and marketing.

Like other domestic merchants, Beacon Design is better able to provide personalization services than overseas companies, which are often too far removed to communicate back and forth with clients.

“We offer customized products with short lead times for design right through manufacturing,” Marquis said. “We stand by our work 100 percent and offer personalized service for all our clients.”

“We have complete control over the quality of the product,” Lopes said. “The timelines are much shorter than working with an overseas vendor, and we are able to get the product within four weeks.”

You can support the local economy by buying from companies who make their products in the USA. Visit Beacon Design online to learn more about its one-of-a-kind, custom keepsake creation process to facilitate fundraising for your organization, thank donors, or commemorate a special event.

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