Baltimore suing agency over pregnancy reduction program cuts

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore is joining a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s administration for defunding programs that work to reduce teen pregnancy rates.

WBAL-TV reports the lawsuit accuses Valerie Huber , the Trump appointed chief of staff in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, of reducing grants for programs that don’t align with her pro-abstinence beliefs. Huber previously headed Ascend , an abstinence-only organization.

The lawsuit was filed last month by Healthy Teen Network, a Baltimore-based national nonprofit that lost funding. The Baltimore Sun reports the city’s health department was awarded an $8.5 million grant for a five-year sex education program. But the funding is getting cut off three years in, costing it $3.5 million. City Solicitor Hon. Andre Davis says Baltimore is joining to force the government to restore the $3.5 million.

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