Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

Traffic Reporter


Traffic Reporter Jack Taylor has been around the DC/Baltimore TV/Radio markets since 1983. He got his start on the country’s first All-Comedy Radio station in Gaithersburg, interning his senior year while at Magruder High School, and the radio bug has been in place since that day.

Jack has even been in a couple of TV shows (Homicide; Life on the Streets and Ace of Cakes). While having been a board-operator, morning show host, stadium announcer, and programming music for radio stations, Jack also took to the skies over DC and Baltimore flying traffic. Admittedly, flying was not a forte of his to start….”I got sick both flights flying a split shift, everyday, for a month…but stuck with it even after losing 24 pounds !! — Believe me, I have put those pounds back on !! “

Jack continued flying for a few years and then decided he would like a desk, so he came back into an office to help run operations. Jack also became involved with the March of Dimes and was on their board, for the A.I.R. Awards, for a number of years.

Jack lives in Mt. Airy, MD with his wife, Stacey and his two daughters, Caroline and Hilary. Both girls are in college, but they left two golden labs at home with Jack and Stacey to keep them company.

If you see more than he says, call Jack on the WTOP Traffic hotline at 202-895-5048 or email him at jtaylor@wtop.com.                                   

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