All aboard this adorable Hello Kitty bullet train departing from stations in Japan

Sanrio/Western Japan Railway Co.

(TOKYO) — For a limited time, a high-speed bullet train featuring the lovable Hello Kitty will launch in summer of this year.

The railroad cars will be stylishly embellished with the character’s designed to the enjoyment of its passengers.

The train line of the West Japan Railway Company, which is debuting the Hello Kitty train, is currently running through Western Japan only, so it won’t be stopping at Tokyo. It will, however, make its way through fun cities like Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe and Okayama.

One car features a souvenir shopping area, a rest area, a video-viewing area and a photo op area.

Passengers can ride it from June 30 until the end of September with a few blackout days as seen in the calendar .

Tickets can be purchased in person at train station kiosks or reserved online.

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