At least 240 animals rescued from ‘deplorable’ home

Humane Society Police Officer Tracie Graham, left, and Clair Mullins, of the Montgomery County SPCA, take out two large tortoises Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 from an Upper Hanover, Pa., home. Authorities rescued over 200 animals from the home including more than 100 snakes, as well as several alligators, ferrets, skunks, turtles and at least half a dozen guinea pigs. (Rick Kintzel/The Morning Call via AP)

PENNSBURG, Pa. (AP) — At least 240 animals, including more than 100 snakes, several alligators, five tortoises, two skunks, at least a dozen ferrets and some guinea pigs, have been rescued from a Pennsylvania home.

Robin Royer, a code enforcement officer for Upper Hanover Township, tells the Allentown Morning Call the home’s condition was “deplorable.”

Tracie Graham, an officer with the Montgomery County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, tells the Reading Eagle the residents of the home also own a home in Macungie Township that was raided earlier this week.

In that case, the Lehigh County Humane Society removed about 100 animals ranging from pigs to bearded dragons.

The couple has not been named.

Barbara Morgan, the Humane Society’s police officer, tells the Morning Call the smell inside was so sickening that authorities used fire department oxygen tanks to enter the home.

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