The Royal Babies

Photos of the royal babies born to Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

  • VAJake321

    Congratulations. God Save The Queen.

  • Teresa

    What a wonderful photo of them

  • Dakota Rose Paris

    The greatest gift Diana gave her children was to live as normally as possible. The reign of King William and Queen Kate will be one of the most interesting to watch. Hopefully that’s in the distant future because he’d have to lose loved members of his family to become king, but his reign will be different than those that preceded him. Lovely photographs, Kate. Lovely children.

  • ktzmom13

    One day George will be lamenting how Charlotte is always “touching his stuff.” Charlotte will cry because big brother won’t let her play with his toys. Kate will look at these pictures of her babies snuggling and wonder “What happened???” lol – just like every mother.

  • RiRi Osborne

    George has on girly shoes.