• Virus hitting kids across U.S. could continue to spread

    A respiratory illness that has infected more than 1,000 children in the U.S. could become a bigger national problem,
    according to doctors.

  • Oregano: A weapon against the norovirus?

    Oregano could be a powerful weapon against the nasty norovirus.

  • Expert: Apple users lost immunity to Internet viruses

    Only 64,000 computers were affected by the FBI
    procedure to kill dangerous malware that has
    plagued the Web. This is a relatively small
    percentage when compared to the hundreds of
    thousands of computers in the U.S., but a
    slightly larger number for Steve Jobs disciples
    who previously thought themselves immune.

  • HIV study offers hope toward vaccine development

    An unprecedented new HIV study may change how soon the virus can be detected in a person\’s system — which scientists hope could lead to developing an effective vaccination.

  • Paperless could be dangerous for your bank account

    The latest versions of an especially nasty computer virus allow thieves to collect your personal information, take your money and, worst of all, keep you in the dark about it all.