• Doctor: Parents of unvaccinated kids should be legally liable when others get sick

    WASHINGTON — As the number of measles cases rises, one doctor says vaccines are a parent’s obligation and the laws surrounding exemptions need tightening. “Vaccine rates have been falling, sadly, in the United States. Autism…

  • Hundreds of Md. students not allowed to attend class

    About four hundred students in Prince George\’s county will not be allowed to attend school starting Wednesday because they did not get the state-required

  • Adults skipping many necessary vaccines

    Adults are generally good about seeing that their children get the shots
    they need for school. But grown-ups need certain vaccinations as well, and
    many are skipping them.

  • Back to school? Check your child’s immunizations

    It\’s back-to-school time and for many parents
    means making
    sure their children\’s immunizations are up-to-