• Vulnerable beach towns can see future before storms hit

    Vulnerable local beach destinations have a new tool to protect lives and property when extreme storms hit.

  • Dozens of blackbirds found dead in Prince William

    Prince William County police say dozens of blackbirds were found dead along a Nokesville Road and authorities are investigating the cause.

  • Herbicides likely source of growing intersex fish problem (Video)

    Ten years after the discovery of the first intersex fish in the Potomac River, leading researchers are closing in on the chemicals and sources producing fish with immature eggs in the sex organs of male smallmouth and largemouth bass. The research suggests the cause is not what researchers initially thought — the flushing of prescription drugs.

  • Va. earthquake is aftershock of major 2011 shake

    An earthquake in Virginia confirmed by the U.S. Geological survey is the spawn of a massive quake that rocked the region about two years ago.

  • USGS: Glut of quakes likely manmade, fracking possible cause

    Last year saw a sharp rise in 3.0-magnitude quakes or stronger in the U.S. midcontinent, a continuing trend that prompted the U.S. Geological Survey — the government\’s main source for Earth sciences — to investigate the root cause.