• Boyfriend invents way to keep girlfriend from falling in toilet

    WASHINGTON — Few things can squelch a woman’s feelings of romance more than falling into a toilet. Alex Pai, a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology, realized he’d blown it,  when…

  • Water shut off? Here’s how to flush your toilet

    When you\’re in an emergency situation where your water is restricted or shut off, like in Prince George\’s County, here are some tips to keeping your commode flowing.

  • Toilet-seat alarm reminds men to put the seat down (VIDEO)

    One company hopes to capitalize on a problem that has plagued relationships for ages: the toilet seat that\’s left up.

  • South Korea opens world’s first toilet theme park

    A theme park full of … toilets? That\’s the theme of South Korea\’s newest amusement park, dubbed the Restroom Cultural Park, in the southern city of Suwon, the BBC reports.

  • Data: More phones than toilets in India

    New data from the Indian census indicates there are more phones than toilets in the south Asian country of 1.2 billion people, according to a report from

  • Germantown man sentenced after deadly toilet dispute

    A jury handed down James Biddinger\’s fate on Monday afternoon, The Washington Post reports, after deliberating the peculiar deadly confrontation he had with his townhouse roommate, 22-year-old Kevin Mbayo, who was killed by a stiletto-style knife to the back.

  • Toilet texting on the rise

    What are your thoughts on using your mobile device while in the bathroom? Post a comment in this story or on use #WTOPtoilet on Twitter.