• Is the Nats loss Teddy’s fault?

    Shortly after Teddy\’s unexpected success, the Nationals\’ victorious season came to a quick end with a loss to St. Louis Cardinals Saturday night. Was it Teddy\’s curse? WTOP asked Nats fans what they thought.

  • When will Teddy win the Presidents Race?

    The slow, stumbling and all-around unfortunate
    racing president has compiled a record of 0-523
    since the Nationals arrived in the nation\’s
    capital. With the Nats in the playoffs, is his
    chance around the corner?

    But is that about to change? Will the
    unblemished record of defeat be broken?

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  • Who will be the next racing president?

    The Nationals are hosting a second round of tryouts for positions as the team\’s four presidential mascots.