• Sunscreen a must for the slopes, as well as the beach

    WASHINGTON — After a cold, snowy week,  the ski slopes and skating rinks are bound to be packed this weekend.   But if you plan on spending time outdoors, don’t forget the sunscreen. Dermatologists say it…

  • Tips and technologies for keeping skin safe in the summer sun

    After a winter that would not end, the first big beach and pool weekend of the year is finally here. And that means it\’s time to slather on the sunscreen.

  • Which sunscreens work best?

    Consumer Reports tested 20 sunscreens and found just two products — BullFrog
    WaterAmor Sport InstaCool SPF 50+ and Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50 — that
    provided the SPF, or sun protection factor, promised on the label.

  • What to eat for healthy skin

    Forget soaking up the sun\’s rays. If you want to make your skin glow, just open the fridge.

  • Sunscreen facts and eco-friendly options

    With the sun beating down in this extreme heat, it\’s important for you — and your kids — to wear sunscreen. But what sunscreen is effective and safe for both you and the environment?

  • FDA warns of flammable ingredients in sunscreen sprays

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning that you could catch fire by wearing certain sunscreens and standing too close to flames.

  • Understanding new sunscreen labels

    Under new FDA guidelines, consumers will know from the sunscreen label whether the product is broad spectrum and protects against skin cancer or whether it will just help prevent a sunburn.

  • What are the best ways to treat sunburn?

    Despite all the warnings to use sunscreen, burns
    still happen. The key to healing is to keep
    damaged skin cool and moist.

  • Sun-protective clothing gets mixed reviews

    Some doctors say that type of clothing can certainly add an additional layer of protection in the sun, especially for children who don\’t like sunscreen, but others are less enthusiastic.

  • Before slathering sunscreen, know how to use it safely

    The Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be sunny
    and warm, which will have many digging out their
    sunscreen from last year. Knowing how to use it
    correctly is important to avoid a nasty burn.

  • Runners need to take precautions against the sun

    Whether you are going for a jog, walk or you\’re a marathoner, you can\’t run away from the dangers of the sun.