• Campers kill, grill snake but get an unexpected side _ fines

    CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — Four young men got more than a meal when they killed and grilled a timber rattlesnake in western Maryland — they were hit with fines of $200 each in court. Online…

  • Snakes in the trees at D.C. park

    They\’re not on a plane, but snakes in a tree could still be scary — especially when they\’re spotted in D.C.

  • Giant Everglades python meets its match

    A Burmese python met its match when a tour guide jumped out of
    his boat and wrestled the 10-foot python.

  • Roundup: Chinese New Year celebrations in D.C.

    The lunar year 4711 will mark the year of the Snake. Foodie Nycci Nellis shares where to go to eat and celebrate.