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TRAFFIC ALERT In Prince George’s County, on the Outer Loop of the Beltway before St. Barnabas Road, traffic gets by on the far left lane.



  • Local doctors work to end shingles-related pain

    WASHINGTON — Local doctors are involved in clinical trials for a promising new drug to treat the chronic pain often associated with severe cases of shingles. The goal is to prevent the disabling postherpetic neuralgia…

  • Doctor shares what to look for with shingles

    WASHINGTON — It’s not uncommon to get an annoying rash this time of year, with all the bugs and poison ivy around. But if there is pain, it could be shingles. “Shingles is a reactivation…

  • Study: Shingles in young adults can increase risk for heart attack

    As if having shingles isn\’t painful enough, new research suggests the herpes zoster virus can increase one\’s risk for a heart attack and other vascular complications.

  • There’s a shingles vaccine, but it’s not for everyone

    About 1 million Americans get shingles each year
    in the United States, and those who have had the
    chicken pox are at most risk.